Florida and Tampa groups unite again to raise funds and supplies to send critical  humanitarian aid to help Ukrainian families and refugees in Poland


«United For The People of Ukraine » 

TAMPA, FL – The Tampa 501c3 non-profit organization Course of Action, Help me Donate and  Epiphany Ukrainian Catholic Church in St. Petersburg, Florida are coming together for an honorable cause. The Course of Action Foundation has begun coordinating with non-governmental organizations needed to distribute humanitarian aid to  Ukrainian families in Poland. Course of Action has already begun to mobilize assistance to ship hygiene kits aid first aid kits to provide essential relief supplies to the affected Ukrainian families.  

The Course of Action Foundation has initiated humanitarian relief; United  

For Ukraine.” They will raise funds to ship backpacks containing needed  

hygiene items and first aid kits. Course of Action is Veteran owned organization known in Tampa for their support to children’s education and helping others during natural disasters. During  Hurricane Maria, the Course of Action operated the largest hurricane collection point in Central  Florida shipping more than 4 million lbs. of supplies via military planes and shipping containers to  Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. They participated in the coordination,  donation, funding, and shipping of more than 250,000 bottles of water to the victims of Hurricane Michael in North Florida. Have also shipped more than 2.5 million rations of critical food for  Venezuelan families in Colombia, Venezuela, and shipped supplies to the victims of the tornadoes in  Kansas City. Since 2001, The HelpMeDonate organization has responded to virtually every hurricane, earthquake, fire, and other disaster. They have also provided food, supplies, and help to the homeless, shelters, and others in need. They have worked with The American Red Cross, Salvation  Army, the Humane Society of the U.S, the United States Military, and Law Enforcement agencies.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the act of war against the people of Ukraine. 

Monetary contributions can be made by visiting the Course of Action Foundation website at:  www.coafoundation.com or checks can be written out to “Course of Action United for Ukraine”  P.O. Box 47161 Tampa, Florida 33546, or by visiting the Epiphany Ukrainian Catholic Church website at: www.epiphanyukrch.com. For additional information please contact the church at 727- 576-1001 or arlene@coafoundation.com